Making and materials

The making of and materials

Solid wood carefully dried for more than 20 years that we have treated with the most specialised varnishes. This gives a unique sound and charm to the guitars made and assembled entirely by hand.

Amalio Burguet, the story

From Valencia, Amalio Burguet has been in charge of his own workshop in Catarroja for more than 50 years. He is tirelessly and constantly in search of a way to make the best possible guitars.

Handmade with the finest woods

Amalio Burguet guitars are completely handmade using the finest woods. Woods that have received the utmost care in his hands.

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Lattice Model

A classical guitar made using the Australian lattice system adapted to the more traditional Amalio Burguet way. We have looked for a way to achieve a sweet, balanced and at …