Whatever the type of guitar whether classical, flamenco or mixed, it will give the guitarist a different sound depending on the type of music he or she plays.

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The classical guitar, is usually used to play classical music. It is generally made with Indian Rosewood or African Rosewood, with higher bone height or action.
Flamenco guitars are used to play flamenco. These guitars are made with cypress wood, lower bone height or action. They normally have a spruce top but not always and have slightly narrower sides than a classical guitar.
The mixed guitars are usually a mix of the two (classical and flamenco) and are used for many types of music such as classical, flamenco, jazz etc. They are Indian Rosewood guitars but with the action and bone height of a flamenco guitar, making it very comfortable to play.

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What type of sound board

Depending on which soundboard you choose, cedar or spruce, the guitar will sound one way or another as they are woods with very different properties.


Cedar has a warm, round and powerful sound when played while the spruce has a sweet sound, softer and at the same time bright.

The scale length

The scale length of the guitar. The normal scale length is 650mm for standard guitars. However, there are different types of scale lengths ie 640mm, 630mm, 660mm etc. These scale lengths are usually used for smaller hands and the 660mm is usually used for flamenco.

Different types of scale lenghts

Comfortable playing

Playing comfortably is one of the things that most worries a guitarist. Making a guitar able to be played comfortably be it classical or flamenco is one of our greatest qualities. Our cedar necks are thin and not too marked and made to give the player maximum comfort at all times.

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The height of the bridge bone is also a point to consider. The height of the bone is adjustable on all our models as it can be lowered and customised to your needs.