Special Guitars

All of our models are totally hand made at our workshop in Catarroja.
Our objective is to provide the highest quality instruments and to achieve this we use the highest quality materials, solid wood that has dried for a minimum of seven years on all of our models, together with the best glues and innovative varnishes available on the market today.
There may be variations on all the models ie in colour, machine heads, profiles, etc with respect to all the images shown here.

Romantic model

Concert guitar made by Amalio Burguet based on a XIX century model made by the famous French luthier, Rene Lacote. It is made of curly maple with mechanical peg heads. It has a matt natural finish as its wood finish is with bees wax.

Scale: 630 mm
Top: Spruce (Picea abies)
Back and sides: Arce (Pseudo platanus)
Fingerboard: Ebony (Diospyros crassiflora Hiern)
Neck: Cedar
Nut: Natural bone
Finished:  Cera de Abeja (Bee wax)

Electrified guitars

At Amalio Burguet we use Fishman Prefix Pro Blend amplification for its quality and reduced spaced that it occupies on the guitar.

Cutaway guitars

The cutaway option allows access to the frets that are closest to the sound hole to reach the highest notes. There are also guitarists that use this option for aesthetic reasons.
Any of are models are adaptable to the cutaway option, on order.

Different scale guitars

Generally for comfort reasons, physical reasons of the musician, sound reasons or others we can vary the scale of the guitar.
The scale of any of our models can be adapted on order based on the following scales:


630 mm option:For guitarists with small hands that are looking for comfort. Normally the fretboard is narrower.
640 mm option:similar to 630mm but a little longer and with a standard fretboard.
660 mm option:used for flamenco guitar this scale offers less tension for the strings and better flamenco sound.

Left handed guitars

The Spanish guitar isn't symmetric and for that reason Amalio Burguet guitars makes special guitars for left handed musicians as from the beginning, the bridge, struts, strings are totally orientated towards left handed players. It's very sought after by our clients. Any of our models can be converted to left handed on order.

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