Amalio Burguet

A life dedicated to making guitars.

Amalio Burguet born in Catarroja , a small village near the sunny city of Valencia, in 1951. He develops an enormous ability to build guitars from very young working in various workshops (It will be where to build his first guitar in 1966) and he becomes a master of the production line. However he admired the craftsmanship of the handmade guitars, those built in a workshop by one person. He soon restarts his musical training, years of conservatory and begins to delve into the craft aspects, studying the processing of materials more in depth (especially the treatment of wood) and construction processes.
In 1984 his dream came true, he opened his own workshop in Catarroja. It is here where he applies everything he has learned, building high quality handmade guitars , but at the same time affordable for all, professionals and students.
His hands transform wood into pure art. More than three decades of knowledge put into practice. Currently continues to work in his small family workshop with his two children, Vanessa and Damian, looking to create the perfect guitar.

Why a Burguet guitar?

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    It's totally hand crafted

    Burguet Guitars are totally hand made in our workshop. The construction and assembly of the hand made guitars are crafted by Amalio Burguet and Damian Burguet, guitar by guitar.

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    The highest quality wood

    Amalio Burguet only works with the best and totally solid woods for all of his designs. The wood is dried in a rigorous way and in a process that takes a minimum of seven years in the optimum humidity and temperature conditions.

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    The best components

    In the construction of Amalio Burguet guitars, we use the most special varnishes that exist on the market today, the most innovative glues and take special care of the rest of the components such as strings, machine heads, amplifiers...

Quality, variety and design

Where a guitarist can chose.

For the guitarist, the guitar is a live thing with which he can express his feelings and where he can find his own sounds which in the end is an extension of himself. A way to channel of his artistic restlessness.

Burguet puts the instrument at the disposal of the guitarist, different guitar models that because of its design and materials used, offer that sound quality that can satisfy his needs.

In the guitar models that Burguet offers you can find:

Also for Amalio Burguet, ultimately it is to create a piece of art to work the wood and with the different components of the instrument in the same way that a sculptor chisels stone. He doesn't only intend for the design and construction to be only a powerful tool for a guitarist to express himself artistically but also he wants them to be of aesthetic value and to have a defined and unique personality.

The Burguet family

Amalio Burguet

Guitar maker, founder and alma mater of the small family workshop. A whole life dedicated to the craftsmanship of the instrument that he is obsessed with, the Spanish guitar.

Vanessa Burguet

Responsible for some of the designs and particular details of each model. She is the most visible face of Burguet who will advise you and inform you on whatever you need to know regarding Burguet guitars.

Damián Burguet

Guitar maker and heir to the craftsmanship restlessness of his father. Student, but with a strong personal criterion that is reflected in the designs of his own guitars.

Garantia Burguet

  • Burguet Guarantee

    From its origin, throughout the painstaking process of its construction and meticulous finish, each of our guitars are submitted to constant and comprehensive revision.

  • Endorsed by demanding guitarists

    Over the years there have been many guitarists of different styles that endorse and corroborate the excellent aesthetic and sound quality of Burguet guitars.

  • To any part of the world

    From our small workshop in Catarroja, Spain cradle of the Spanish guitar, Burguet has covered international orders with no problem at all for a very long time.


Quality as opposed to quantity.

Our products are an exclusive product where quality is above any other priority. Our production is limited as is our stock, a non negotiable condition to achieve the correct finish of all the pieces and to be able to attend the demands of any guitarist. Pieces elaborated with maximum care in order to satisfy the demands of the most demanding of guitarists whether novel or experimental. To remind you that:

Burguet says

" El alma juega con las manos y el corazón , creando el sentimiento, ahora y siempre."
"The artist's soul plays imaginetively, creating emotions, now and forever"

Amalio Burguet

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