Guitarmaker since 1966

Guitarrero desde 1966


Also known as Spanish guitar, it's the most popular stringed instrument in Spain and most of the world. They are concert and studio guitars. Made with noble woods like ebony, German pine or cedar from Honduras or Canada. The guitars have wonderful balanced sound, a rounded and velvety sound.



The flamenco guitar is another variation of the Spanish guitar both as concert or student guitars. It has its own peculiarities so far as construction and sound is concerned. It has a more percussive sound than the classical guitar, lighter in weight and a narrower and smaller sound box. The strings are closer to the neck and specific types of wood predominantly Cypress.


Special / Extra

10 string guitars, cutaway guitars, electrified guitars, left handed guitars and different scale guitars and fiber cases. Special models such as the romantic guitar for classical guitarists looking for a baroque sound.


A craftsman process

According to Richard Sennett the word craft expresses 'a human impulse, long lasting and basic, the wish to perform a task well, nothing more'. We are matter and we make actions with it. It is this action that the craftsman is most able because he achieves the best connection between hand and head.

All of our guitars are made by hand in the workshop in Catarroja. We use our great experience of craftsmanship and the best materials amongst those the best wood, completely solid in all models mentioned, with a minimum drying time of 7 years. We also use the most innovative glues to the most special varnishes that exist.


The details

God is in the detail. A phrase that is attributed to Gustave Flaubert that later the architect Mies Van der Rohe made more popular. In both cases, they are referring to the details where it is possible to do something different where you can find new opportunities. The detail shows the importance and the need to take in to account the key elements that mark a big difference even in those things that seem similar at first sight. Each Burguet piece is elaborated with maximum care with the desire to satisfy the needs of the most demanding of guitarists.


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